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The Social Entrepreneurship Summit in Lebanon is an event aiming at pushing forward the discourse around social entrepreneurship in Lebanon and at fostering peoples’ creativity, aspirations and engagement in responding to their own and their communities’ challenges.

Social entrepreneurship has proven to be a successful strategy to invigorate socio-economic opportunities, but further efforts are needed to create a policy and legal framework along with a strong ecosystem that would foster, leverage and boost this field across the country.

Organized by CSR Al Ahli Group in partnership with ESA Business School, the Social Entrepreneurship Summit, is taking place in Lebanon on Thursday, March 22nd and on Friday, March 23rd at the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA).

Building on the different social entrepreneurship initiatives that took place this year, this Summit will bring together social entrepreneurs, ecosystem actors, investors, financial institutions, private sector, academic and civil society leaders and practitioners in the field in Lebanon.

The Summit will be an opportunity to look at what social entrepreneurship means in the Lebanese context, to uncover the social entrepreneurship ecosystem, to foster learning of social entrepreneurship practices, to learn about its applicability across the country at the local level and in different sectors, and to promote an enabling policy environment for social enterprises.

The program will be published soon.

You may invite your friends who might be interested to join the Social Entrepreneurship Summit.

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