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Souk el Tayeb - Every Wednesday in Gefinor

Lebanon's First Farmers Market

Join us every Wednesday from 1 pm till 7 pm at Souk el Tayeb at Gefinor Center in Clemenceau.

Souk El Tayeb, Lebanon's weekly Farmers Market now has TWO locations!

Enjoy Saj, Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables, Fresh Juices, Mouneh and Homemade Lebanese Foods at Beirut's famous landmark, the Gefinor Center in Clemenceau!
Saturdays - Beirut Souks 9am to 2pm / Wednesdays - Gefinor 1pm to 7pm.

Beirut Downtown event:

Souk el Tayeb’s vision is to celebrate food & traditions that unite communities and support small-scale farmers and producers

Every week the market hosts over 60 producers from all over Lebanon with different and numerous food products (Fruits, Vegetables, Mouneh, Lebanese dishes, Honey, Olive and Oil, Pastries, Saj, Sweets, Marzipan etc...) as well as traditional and special handmade crafts(Kids books, soap, glass, pottery etc...)

Tel: 01-442 664