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Part of healthy thoughts, and a happy life is a happy healthy body. They go hand in hand. So if you are looking to transform your body and your thinking here is your chance.

The independent classes run twice a week, and aim to tackle those problem areas that arise from overthinking, over sitting, over driving and mostly over eating.Through understanding how energy moves you will also slowly unlock those blockages in your life.

Soulfit features 45 minute workout on Monday and Thursday focusing on unlocking blockages and releasing stress. The program also advices on healthy eating habits and foods that help you both in your day to day activities and on a soul level.

Pats message “Working out serves our brain health and memory, betters the skin and quality of sleep, and is a fantastic mood booster!”

Join Soulfit for energetic cardio and strength training on Mondays, while we take it to the mat for a relaxing concoction of yoga, Pilates, and stretching on Thursdays.
P.S. your core, your neck, your back (and your butt!) will thank you J

Monday & Thursday 5:30pm

Please bring towel, and yoga mat (you are more than welcome to leave those in the center)

Cost: $10 for walking or $100 for 16 classes

03762233 for more info