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SoundsGood Art & Music Festival 2019

SoundsGood is a new festival experience. You’re probably thinking “oh great, not another music festival." But you’re absolutely right. This is not just another music festival. It’s an event that connects the dots between music, art, and nature in a way that might turn out to be really cool.

Local talents will be there performing.
Here’s a peek at who they are.

Fadi Tabbal
A musician, producer, and sound engineer who uses guitar pieces ranging from stripped acoustics to ambient, electronic-inspired treatments.

A project by Maya Aghniadis, who experiments with new sounds and instruments; from ethnics beats to heartwarming melodies.

Al Darwish x Kinematik

Al Darwish:
A writer and rapper, hailing from Syria who has written and recorded over 100 songs and uses his lyrics as a means of self-expression for social impact.

Kinematik is an instrumental rock band from Lebanon, whose music blends elements of 70’s psychedelia, krautrock, post-rock and contemporary classical music.

A post-rock/math-rock quintet using contemporary palettes and jagged rhythms delivered through light-hearted pop melodies.

Liliane Chlela
A composer/producer and live musician who pushes the boundaries of experimental and electronic music in the Middle East.

A dream pop/shoegaze trio defined by hushed vocals and expansive, ambient soundscapes that has toured regularly in Europe, the UK and the Middle East since 2014.

Radio KVM x Ziad Moukarzel
An electronic musician who’s released remixes and original tracks for record labels, theater and dance performances and even short films.

Ziad Moukarzel:
A live music producer, DJ, lecturer, and studio manager always exploring new sounds and possibilities to expand his spectrum.

A techno, experimental, EBM DJ who is a core member of Frequent Defect, with whom she shares similar interests in addressing the socio-political issues and tabooed subject matters through multidisciplinary art.

A synth-pop/post-punk band with fun, energetic, original tunes drawing inspiration from day-to-day life and personal experiences.

Ziad Nawfal
A DJ, radio host, music promoter, and producer of alternative rock, electronic, and experimental music who helps showcase rising local talents.

Visual Artists

Ayman Nahle
A filmmaker, cinematographer, and video artist focused on the creation of organic film images made with little details and patterns that translate audio signals into visual images, inspired by electronic and experimental music.

Firas El Hallak aka ireallylikeyourapproachtothings
A video artist and filmmaker based in Beirut. He has directed and produced several short films, documentaries and music videos.

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