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SPAYCE Yoga HIIT Instagram LIVE on @nourelise

We’re excited to be offering the following @spayceyoga classes over the next few weeks, starting this week!

✨Wednesdays 6:00-7:00PM: SPAYCE Yoga Flow LIVE on our founder’s page @nourelise
✨Saturdays 6:00-7:30PM CEST: SPAYCE Breathwork via ZOOM (we will share the link in our stories and bio on Fridays)
✨Sundays 5:30-6:30PM CEST: SPAYCE Yoga HIIT LIVE on @f45_training_ashrafieh

Make sure to adjust the times based on your location!

Here’s a short description for each session:

SPAYCE Yoga Flow:
In this moderate to fast-paced, athletic and musically-charged Vinyasa Yoga class, we’ll build progressively as we layer pose upon pose, eventually piecing it all together into a fun flow. Variations and modifications will be offered, although this class is not recommended for very beginner practitioners, and a moderate fitness level is recommended.

SPAYCE Breathwork:
In this session, you’ll be guided through dynamic conscious breathing and embark on an inward journey supported by the sound of music. Experiences vary from reduced stress, to release of physical or emotional blocks, to feelings of openness, connection, love, peace, clarity, gratitude… to sometimes even receiving downloads or visions. No prior breathwork experience is required.

This musically-charged and energizing class will elevate your heart rate, challenge your endurance and release toxins while using yoga-inspired moves to strengthen, tone and stretch your entire body. Crossfit, HIIT, gym lovers and yogis alike will enjoy similar benefits as their regular practice while cross training. Yoga basics and a moderate fitness level is recommended.

Follow our SPAYCE Music SoundCloud page for access to our mixes (Link in bio).

Looking forward to supporting you over the next few weeks!

Love & light 💛