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Special Weekend in Kawkaba with GREEN STEPS : sunset hike,campfire, stargazing & entertainment

Do you want to spend a special weekend in a unique way in the South of Lebanon?

Join us for an unforgettable weekend in Kawkaba starting Saturday 12 afternoon to enjoy a sunset hike in its nature, sip a cup of wine while admiring the sunset beauty, discover the narrow streets of the village by night, and continue our evening around a campfire in the village with live instrumental music, karaoke entertainment and a delicious food prepared by the local community.

The program is in collaboration with Kawkaba Municipality who is organizing and offering all these activities along with the dinner. We reiterate our thanks to Kawkaba Municipality for their warm hospitality and their effort to make this event a successful one.

We catch your attention that on the night of 12th of August, the sky will be full of perseids meteor showers, reaching the highest rate; so join us around the fire for stargazing; and if you are lucky you can catch a shooting star and make a wish. The meteor showers are extremely visible in this village.

 Schedule of the 1st day – Saturday 12/8/2017 :
Leaving Zalka at 1h00 pm, heading to Kawkaba.
Check-in at the Guest House of Rashaya El Fekhar.
Sunset hike will start at 5h30 pm in Kawkaba village until we reach the most beautiful cape of sunset in the village.
Discovering by night the village’s narrow streets till we reach the campfire and entertainment place.
Campfire, live instrumental music and Karaoke along with traditional Lebanese food will take place till late night.

Information about the Sunset Hike :
 The hike is of level 4+, for adults and children:
Circuit length: 6 km.
Altitude: between 850 m and 650 m
Total slope variation: 200 m
Effective hiking time: 2.5 hrs
The hike will be guided by an ecotourism specialist at a moderate rate.

 Schedule of the 2nd Day – Sunday 13/8/2017 :
The day will start with a breakfast in the Guest House and the school village for all participants.
Check-out from the Guest House and heading to Kawkaba.
A short visit to the old olive trees of Kawkaba and to Ain El Massih.
It will be followed by sport activities and traditional village games in the gardens of the village from 11h00 am till 3h00 pm. Stations of snacks will be available for lunch and will be offered by the municipality.
At 3h00 pm, heading back to Zalka.

 Accommodation :
1st Option : Places are limited for the accommodation in the Guest House. First come, first served.
We urge you to book your places as soon as possible.
The accommodation will be in a guesthouse in Rashaya El Fakhar, Bed & Breakfast.

2nd Option : Bring your sleeping bag or mattress or tent and sleep in the school village, indoor or outdoor (shower and breakfast will be offered by Kawkaba Municipality)

• General knowledge contest and quiz with a valuable prize for the participants
• Needs for the hike: hiking or walking shoes, windbreaker, hiking stick, backpack, water bottle of 1.5 liter min, camera, meal (dry fruits, energy bars, and sandwich), ID card, insurance card, smiley face and full energy.
• The tour will be provided by a comfortable air-conditioned bus, reservation required.

• Contribution: 50’000 LBP/adult and 35’000 LBP/child under 12 years old, covering guides and transportation, in addition to 40’000 LL per person for Bed & Breakfast at the Guest House (the complete amount to be payable in advance through OMT or Western Union). The dinner of the first day and the snacks of the second day will be offered by Kawkaba Municipality.
• Meeting time and place : Saturday 12/8/17 at 1h00 pm from Zalka near “l’abeilled’or” – PLEASE BE ON TIME
• Return time to Zalka : Sunday 13/8/17 around 6h30 pm

- Cancellations without prior notice of 24 hours require a payment of 50% of the full contribution
- Hikers are requested to book their places as soon as possible as they are limited
- Hikers are advised to participate in the hike to their own responsibility
- Hikers are asked to follow hiking ethics provided by Green Steps
- Smoking is not allowed during the hike
- In case of force majeure, some modifications may occur to the program

Info :
Kawkaba is a village in the Caza of Hasbaya, South Lebanon, situated at an altitude of about 550 to 850 meters above sea level, and around 105 kms away from Beirut. Kawkaba is one among the most ancient towns of the Hermon region. To its east is the river Hasbani, and it faces the region of Arcoub. Not far from Kawkaba is the village of Marjayoun,
Kawkaba is a village unique in many ways, different from others, quite apart from its picturesque aspect and the surrounding panorama. It is a marvelous place, with thousand-year-old olive trees, the oldest in the region, in addition to fruit trees and vines.
It said that Kawkaba was the land of Christ and his Apostles, and of the prophets such as Ezekiel.

Legend said that Christ rested in the shade near a great rock; being very thirsty he struck the ground with his stick and water sprang up, abundant and miraculous. Believers without number come to visit, make vows, and pray at this spring, and named Ain al-Messih, the Spring of Christ.

For info and reservation:
Roula : 03- 95 32 97
Gio: 71-72 37 70

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