This event has passed.

Welcome to our monthly Spiritual Café gathering! This is a time and a space for people to meet, talk and share. It is totally free-flowing; has no set agendas and is a secure space for people to explore their spirituality without judgement from others. It's just time and space for people interested in spirituality on any level, to simply meet, talk and share whatever is of interest to them.

Meet new friends & catch up with old ones - swap stories & experiences - share learning & messages -exchange readings & healing - meditate over new modalities - or just relax and chat over some home-made snacks!

When: 16 November 2013

Where: Yvonne's house in Hamra. (See below for directions and phone number).

Energy Exchange: Potluck Dinner! Please food or drink(s) to share with everyone. Let us know what type of food or beverage you will be offering, in order to help us organize our gathering :)

Here's a list of categories to choose from:
-Appetizers (can be hot or cold)
-Sweets/ Dessert
-Paper cups/tissues

We look forward to seeing you there!

Love and light,
Team SC❤


Makdisi street, Charif & Bekhazi Bldg 5th floor. There's Mahfooz stores in the same building and a big parking in front.

*For detailed directions, please call Yvonne Mendes Siblini on 03-263226.

Hosted by:
Yvonne, Lara, Chantal, Maysan, Junaline~

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