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Stafford Associate Beirut Corporate Games - BCG 2013
A Sport Evasion Event

The Stafford Associates Beirut Corporate Games is a corporate sports platform that enables companies to support their employees' pursuit of a healthier and more active lifestyle. The Games provide the opportunity for anyone, regardless of their sporting ability, age or sex; to play, compete, and have fun in more than 45 games.

It’s a team building event, that will bring people from the same company together playing as one, competing outside their daily routine.
It’s a week-end of fun, where employees will get to know each other more, where the CEO and the office boy will team up, meet each others' families, who will be encouraged to join and support.
It’s a great and friendly environment to meet and compete with other companies having only a smile as your business card.

For info and registration call us on +9615956614 +9613392912 +9613451560 and check

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