This event has passed.
  • Saturday Apr 21 2018 from 07:00 pm until 11:59 pm
  • Sunday Apr 22 2018 from 12:00 am until 09:00 am
  • Laqlouq, Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor, Music

Stargazing and Sunrise Chasing with Lebanese Nomads

It is time to do things differently. Join us on our biggest event yet
We will stargaze under the night skies of Laqlouq where we will
witness the one a kind Lyrids meteor shower that will peak on the night of 22nd of April. Some guiding about the night sky and its wonder will be provided and also a Telescope will be on spot to witness the mysterious objects of the galaxy.
A bonfire away from the stargazers will be available. We will grill potatoes, Marshmallows and much more appetizing snacks.

The adventure doesn't stop here. The stargazers will turn into hikers when the sun rises. We will do a short/fun hike from our spot in "Khlaya Al Ramel" in Laqlouq to the famous "Gorge of Baatara"(Balou Balaa).

This event is not to be missed. The adventure is the ultimate experience of the Outdoor Nomadic lifestyle.

Event details:
-Event will be on 21st and 22nd of April (Saturday night, Sunday Morning)
-Meeting point: Wagon Park, Jbeil
-Meeting time: 7 pm
-We will reach Laqlouq at around 8 pm on the 21st and leave "Gorge of Baatara" (Balouu Balaa) at 9 am on the 22nd
-We will witness the Lyrids meteor Shower (Peak night is the 22nd of April)
-We will Hike to "Gorge of Baatara" (Blouu Balaa) at 7 am in the Morning
-Camping spot will be available
-Telescope will be available
-Guidance about the night sky will be provided by the team members
-Event fees include Transportation/Snacks/Hike/Guiding for LBP 45,000
-For Reservation text or call 70-774309 or 70-221366 on whatsapp or SMS

What to Bring:
-Hiking Shoes (Running shoes work too)
-Winter clothes including Winter Jacket, Sweater, Gloves, Beanies basically everything you would wear
in a stormy weather!! The place can get really cold at night! We are warning you!
-Sleeping bag and/or Blankies
-Tent if you have one
-Any specific snack you'd like
-Musical Instrument if you play one
-Your insurance cards
-NO alcoholic Beverages


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