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Stress Management with Ms. Randa Farah

Join Loyac for a session on Stress Management by Ms. Randa Farah, which will be held at Morgan premises, August the 20th, 5:45 pm.

Stress management starts with identifying the sources of stress in your life. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your true sources of stress aren’t always obvious, and it’s all too easy to overlook your own stress-inducing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

During the session you will learn what stress is, and what it can do to you if it is left unchecked.

The information will help you identify where you can make changes and take action towards reducing stress in your life.

About the trainer:

Randa Farah is the co-founder of Lebtivity, a specialist in HR Management, and an instructor at Saint Joseph University (USJ).

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A small donation of 5000 LBP to Loyac would be much appreciated.

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