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Sundaze Beirut at Frozen Cherry

September's sun is shining high and bright and our summer fruits are bursting with flavors and life! Bring your happy smiles to our dance floor and move to the beautiful beats over the clouds.

Don't forget, Sundaze is the only and first gathering in the new era in which your entrance is handled with fruits. Fruits are at the center of our ecosystem and philosophy.

One of the most ancient and common ways of exchange will be your ticket to this gathering. The fruits are collected at the entrance, a quarter of it is served during the event - in food and drinks - and the rest will be handed over to the homeless, in the city.

This cultural and social sharing experience embodies a festival spirit bringing you closer to each other, and to nature - your natural habitat.

A day & night to remember at the Frozen Cherry open-air with soothing, cheerful, peaceful and refreshing vibes; inspired by the feeling of being far, far away from the city.


71 661 225

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