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Sungate Egypt Mystery School Tour
From Sept. 10-16, 2019 ,
You can Join wherever you are in the world..

Sacred sites are gateways to divine realities that empower us on our spiritual journey to realize our full potential and divine connection to Source. We invite you on this sacred journey to the temples of Egypt to connect with its powerful divine energies and support your awakening.

Enter Sacred Space that deeply nurtures & awakens your Souls intimate connection to Divine Wisdom, Love and Grace.Support the fulfillment of your spiritual destiny. Each Temple has its own particular healing frequencies and soul nourishing medicine to open your heart and mind to your Higher Self’s guidance, wisdom and creativity. Align to your spirit’s love, guidance, grace & creativity. Experience a safe and nurturing space to open intuitively to your Spiritual Gifts and empower your capacity to Self-heal and explore your potential to heal others. Be present & get grounded ~ Connect deeply to the Heart of the Earth. Each Temple Journey also respects your physical and subtle bodies need to be supported and lovingly grounded to ensure the healing, awakening and blessings you receive are anchored into the Heart of the Earth.

Join us on this sacred journey to the temples of Ancient Egypt along the lush Nile Valley to experience the resonance of this sacred land and receive the wisdom codes from its living temples, activating your genetic memory, inherent knowing & sacred keys of divinity within you. Accessing Ancient Egyptian Wisdom through direct experience and energetic transmissions from gifted spiritual guides and healers, while working with the Divine frequencies of the Neteru (Divine Principles / Egyptian Cosmic Archetypes).

In times of great awakening we journey to places of heightened spiritual energies because contact with such energy is a catalyst to our own awakening. Here is where the resonance is most felt and energetic signatures directly accessed and received.

Ancient sacred sites were created with divine awareness over the earth’s most powerful leylines to create a link with the celestial divine realms and creative Divine Principles expressed in nature as a living conscious energy, bridged and interacting through humanity. The purpose of the temple is to elevate humanity to the divine realms and invite the divine power of the Neteru to inhabit the temples and unify with humanity. Our journey will take us through the temples of Egypt to experience consciously these energies and creative divine principles within oneself, which the Egyptians identified as the Neteru.

This journey is facilitated by Egyptian Adept, spiritual guide and energy healer, Ahmed el Feqy, founder of Sungate and Stargate Tours, co-hosted with Mona Rifai Khalaf of Harmony Center, Beirut, together setting the container with high frequencies to assist you on this journey through the mystical land of Egypt to experience her living temples and divine wisdom codes. You will receive special guidance, wisdom teachings, empowering activations and energy healings during group meditations and transmissions. Ahmed works with unique Sacred Geometry Temple Templates* channeled through the Master Alchemists of Andromeda to connect to your Higher Self, the Divine Principles and the Earth’s Crystalline Core.

From the energy center of the Great Giza Pyramids to Sakkara, Dahshur, Abu Gurab, Isis, Edfu, Komombo, Luxor and Karnak Temples, via luxury Nile Cruise Ship, with special visits and guidance to all the major Temples of Egypt. We invite you to join us on this sacred alchemical experience and welcome you home into the land of Mysteries.

Day 1 Arrival in Giza
Arrival into Cairo International Airport. Obtaining the entrance visa at the airport. Arrange your transfer. Meet us at the Hilton Dreams Hotel in Giza near the pyramids. Check in. Relax and unwind from the journey. Group dinner and introduction.

Day 2 Sakkara Temple & Abo Gurab
After an early breakfast and group circle we will transfer by private bus to Sakkara, one of the oldest sites in Giza. This is a temple and burial grounds. Some indigenous stories say it was a healing temple of sound and light, through harmonic resonance from the architecture structures, where ancient techniques of healing were practiced. We will arrive early in the day to enter the Pyramid of Unas and see the pyramids’ text. This is the only pyramid with written text inside, representing the mystical journey of the soul through the gates of the afterlife and back through the cycle of resurrection. We will visit Abu Gurab, the Hotep or Sun Temple where once stood Egypt’s largest obelisk and one of the oldest known crystal altars on the planet. This is the closest site to the epicenter of the energy vortex in Giza. A place of Divine Mystery and Power where we will experience contact with sacred energy from beyond the veil and explore together evidence of an advanced prehistoric civilization that harnessed natural technologies and free energy.

Day 3 Giza Pyramids & Sphinx
After breakfast we will visit the Giza Pyramids & the Sphinx. Entrance into the King’s Resonance Chamber of the Great Pyramid, for a toning activation to connect to the Galactic Center, Solar Resonance and crystalline healing frequencies. Then walk the Sphinx causeway from the second pyramid leading to the Sphinx, sharing the ancient history and purpose of this site. We will spend a few hours at the Giza Plateau, the third eye chakra of the planet, then return for lunch and have a free evening for integration and prepare for our early flight next morning. Constellations: Sirius, Orion, Leo, Pleiades.

Day 4 Aswan, Isis Temple & Nile Cruise Ship
After an early breakfast we will check out of the hotel in Giza and transfer by private bus to the Cairo airport for our flight to Aswan. Upon arrival we will transport to our luxury Nile Cruise Ship to check in and relax before visiting the Isis temple. Auset (Isis) is the Cosmic Divine Mother, the principle of the feminine creative power, she encompasses all the feminine attributes for she is the Divine Feminine principle herself, the creative power that conceived, both physically and metaphysically, all living creatures. Her native Egyptian name is Auset, “Aus” represents the source, the power and “et” is the feminine quality added to the name. Auset also means the Lady, for she is the Lady of Heaven and Earth. Representing both the Universal Womb and Earth. Her symbol is the throne as she is the Crown of Creation and her star is Sirius (Sothis), the blue star. Auset is the Feminine Principle of nature, receptive of every form and of generation, she has countless attributes and names as she manifests in all her qualities. That’s why she’s also known as She of the 10,000 names. Isis the Goddess, medicine woman priestess doctor of divine love who holds the feminine healing power of nature.

We will immerse ourselves in this feminine quality of the Cosmic Divine Mother and attune to this nature within ourselves. Understanding the mysteries of the virgin birth and the creative feminine that births the perfect divine human from within.

Day 5 Edfu & Komombo Temples
Sailing down the Nile we will visit the Komombo (Horus/Sobek) temple in the morning and then Edfu (Heru/Horus) Temple in the afternoon. The boat will be sailing down the Nile all day making our way to Luxor, “Thebes” the ancient capital of Egypt. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight on the ship.

Komombo temple is dedicated to both Horus the falcon headed king & Sobek the crocodile Neter, this union representing the bonding of the leadership of Egypt with fertility and power, the potency of the fertile principle in Nature. In Egyptian mythology, Sobek guards Ra through the journey into the underworld and protects him from the enemy represented by the three headed serpent, Apep. The dual aspect of Sobek and Heru present at the Komombo Temple is an affirmation of that Union between the spiritual leader King of Egypt and the principle of Fertility and Power. Attributes of true leadership.

Heru (Horus) is the Sun King, symbolized by the Falcon with the Crown and the Eye of Horus representing the Pineal Gland. This is the Divine Masculine energy embodied as the Pharaoh of Egypt, the spiritual leader of the people and realized Divine Principle in human form. His role is to mediate between the people and the Neteru (Gods/Angelic Realm/Divine Principles) to maintain the balance of society and universal justice. There are five aspects of Horus representing his development from birth to maturity to finally unify with Ra, the Sun God, also symbolized by the Falcon with the Sun Disk, in the form of Ra-Horakty, Horus of the Two Horizons. This is the principle of attainment of Divine Perfection. The completion of the spiritual journey reaching maturity, unifying both horizons of the dual nature of creation as God & Man, night & day, light & dark, spirit & matter, life & the afterlife. RA (Sun) - Akhet (Horizon) - Heru (Horus). A winged Lion. The energy of Horus represents Spiritual Leadership, the Pineal Gland & 3rd Eye. The Seer and Guardian of the Spiritual Realm. This temple hosts very important sacred texts on its walls as records of knowledge of the ancient Egyptian rituals, ceremony and religion.

Day 6 Karnak & Luxor Temples
After an early breakfast on the cruise ship we will visit Karnak Temple in Luxor, a complex of temples representing the various Egyptian Dynasties & Deities. Known in ancient times Ipet-Isut, “Chosen of Places”. It is the main temple and energy center in the area. This is a journey through time experiencing passage through the Egyptian lineage as we walk the energetic central axis and Avenue of the Sphinxes going through the center all the way to the holy of the hollies. Walking through harmonic pillars and obelisks built to create a resonance with the divine realms. Ultimately this is the purpose of the temple, to connect humanity to the Divine realm of the Neteru. We will visit the famous shrine of Sekhmet, the Solar Lioness Goddess (Sekem: Power, Strength), and her male consort Ptah, the Architect Creator. The sacred lake and seven dimensional gateway of Ausir (Osiris). We will return to the cruise ship for lunch and relax in the afternoon then visit the Luxor Temple in the evening followed by group dinner. The main deity in Luxor is Amun Ra. The primordial deity symbolized by wind, the unseen realm. The invisible aspect of the Sun. Chief Deity and Supreme Creator God.

Day 7 Fly to Cairo / Return Home
Closing the journey and saying goodbyes. Leaving the hotel and catching an early flight to Cairo airport to take the international flight back home on the same day. For those staying an extra night or two, we will transfer to Giza to check in the hotel back where we started. Relax and have an open day.

With love and gratitude.
The journey continues back home….
Until we meet again.
In the Heart of Mystery.
Thank you ♥

Organized & facilitated by Ahmed El Feqy (Sungate)
Co-Host: Mona Rifai Khalaf (Harmony Center,

For additional info and price please email:
Or Mona , ,Whatsapp 009613938554 ,

Trip includes: 3 nights five stars accommodation in Hilton Dreams Giza (breakfast & dinner), 3 nights accommodation on Luxury Nile Cruise Ship with full board meals, roundtrip domestic flights from Cairo-Aswan & Luxor-Cairo, entrance tickets to all the sacred sites as mentioned in the itinerary, tour leader and guide, private air-conditioned bus and boats throughout the trip, spiritual guidance, wisdom teachings, meditation, facilitation and energy healing work with the Sacred Geometry Andromedan Temple Templates (see description below). Special visits and surprises! This is a mystical journey so please be prepared with the mindset of a spiritual pilgrim not a tourist to get the most out of it and go deeper into the Mysteries. Arrival & Departure will be at the Cairo International Airport. Entry visa is purchased upon arrival at the airport for $25 or equivalent in cash.

Healing with the Sacred Geometry Andromedan Temple Templates

Ahmed works with the Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Program, which are temple templates (sacred energy fields) that have been channeled from the 6th Dimension of the Andromedean Galaxy and given especially for this time of Ascension from the Master Alchemists of Andromeda to connect people to their Higher Selves. This is a unique hands on healing modality used to unlock your Christ Consciousness DNA, open your heart and rebirth the beauty and majesty of the Divine Within.

We will use these sacred geometric temple templates on the journey to help you to establish a relationship with your higher self, activate your DNA and deepen your connection to Source. The work is done through your Higher Self using sacred geometry temple templates activated with sound keys in Elvin language to open high frequency energy fields that will connect you to your sixth dimensional higher self and activate your Divinity. Transforming blockages, shadow strains and anything holding you back from embodying your full divine potential. This process works on your central axis, electromagnetic energy field, heart center and Christ Consciousness DNA. Opening to Universal Heart & Mind with the Master Alchemists of Andromeda. Activating you Earth Knowledge Grid, Star Seed and Spiritual Family Knowledge Grids to access all your gifts from past lives in harmony with Earth’s Divine plan.

The sixth dimension exists entirely independently from the idea of separation consciousness. Pure thought, color, sound and light take on numerological significance and geometric form in this dimension. The Master Alchemists of Andromeda, the Ascended Masters and the Inner Earth Council of Elders amongst others exist on this dimensional level. They are intimately linked to us as co-creators of Humanity and the Earths Original Geometric Blue Print. Wise, compassionate and kind they lovingly offer this program to all who wish to unlock and own their magnificence.

We will also be conducting Earth Healing at the sacred sites.

Earth Healing is ideal for those who feel deeply connected to the Earth and have a desire to create wellbeing in the home, workplace and your community. This also supports Humanity’s divine plan and is developed by the Master Alchemists of Andromeda and the Inner Earth Council of Elders. An excellent tool for self-healing and those who wish to form a relationship with the Master Alchemists of Andromeda, Devic Community of the land, the Collective Elvin Earth Healer’s Alliance and the Inner Earth Council of Elders. We will be activating our Earth & Star Seed Knowledge Grids to connect deeper to the crystalline core of the planet, star seed origins and those beings from Inner Earth and the higher dimensions supporting our evolution and bringing back harmony on Earth.

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