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5days | 4nights
50km hike in 25hrs
Disconnection from daily routine

Kadisha Valley (Arabic: وادي قاديشا‎) is a gorge that lies within the Becharre and Zgharta Districts of the North Governorate of Lebanon. The valley was carved by the Kadisha River.

The Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve protects one of the largest and densest cedar forests in Lebanon.

Douma (Arabic: دوما‎) is a Lebanese village located at an altitude of 1150 m. It is 80 km from Beirut, 30 km from Jbeil and 43 km from Tripoli.

Kfar Hilda (كفر حلدا) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Batroun District (Qada'a), an administrative division of North Lebanon Governorate(Mohafazah).

Day 1:
Hiking from Kadisha Valley to Hadath El Jebbeh

Night 1:
Camping in Hadath El Jebbeh

Day 2:
Hiking from Hadath el Jebbeh to Tannourine

Night 2:
Camping in Tannourine

Day 3:
Hiking from Tannourine Cedars Reserve to Tannourine El Fawqa

Night 3:
Camping in Tannourine

Day 4:
Hiking from Tannourine El Fawqa to Douma

Night 4
Camping in Douma

Day 5:
Hiking from Douma to Kfar Hilda

Trail Details:
Distance: ~50km
Level of the Trail: Advanced
Walking time: ~25hrs
Altitude: ~900m - 1600m

• 150$ per person for the full event
You can join at any stage
• 30$ for 1 day hike
• 20$ for 1 night camp

What you will get:
• Transportation
• Guides
• Food allover the event
• Snacks
• Photos
• First aid assistance
• Giveaways 😉

NB. Insurance is excluded

Things you may need:
• Sunscreen
• Backpack
• Tent
• Sleeping Bag
• Pellow
• Headlight
• Tent Light (optional)
• Torch
• Food set
• Kanif
• Water Bottle
• Small first aid kit (optional)
• Hiking stick (optional)
• Shower utilities
• Swim suit (optional)
• Your motivation! 🤗

What to wear:
• Hiking Pants
• Hiking Shoes
• Jacket (waterproof optional)
• Hiking hat

Meeting point:
May 1st, 2019 at 7:30 AM
AGBU Demirjian Center

We can pick you up on the way

For reservation: 03-599579
Places are limited to 15 survivors

Get your tickets:
- (

50% Downpayment: Cash or OMT (Non refundable)



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