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Tai Chi with Amira

Tai Chi Chuan is a long sequence of easy movements, elaborated to improve the body's health, vitality, coordination and overall wellbeing through the use of the Chinese meridians system.
Throughout this series of classes, Amira will guide you to tune into subtle awareness and connect within by releasing currents of energy through the body's physical channels. You will feel stillness in movement and learn how to move with wind and water, not only in Tai Chi but also in the course of everyday life-to act without forcing, in rhythm with nature's course.

These classes are offered as a progressive series; as such, pre-registration for four weeks is recommended. Drop-ins may be accepted at the teacher's discretion.

Cost: $50 for four classes / $15 Drop-In

With a license in Arabic literature, a history in dance and a mystical interest in Sufism, Amira discovered Tai Chi during a trip to China. She began studying the traditional Yang Tai Ji Quan in Paris in 1988 at Master Dong Kai Ying's International School. She has been teaching in Beirut since 2000 and continues to attend teacher's seminars on a yearly basis.

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