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Tannourine with Lebanese International Hikes

Sunday, October 13 Tannourine
Join us for a trip to one of the most beautiful Cedar forests in Lebanon, the Tannourine Natural Cedar Reserve, which is characterized by its dense trees.
We will have an opportunity to explore this reserve while passing through the Hadath El Jebeh Cedars forest. We will end our hike in the square.
Meeting points:
7:00 am Beirut Corniche next to IC (

7:30 am Wooden Bakery

Region: Batroun 90Km from Beirut
Hiking Level: Easy - Moderate
Hiking Distance: 7Km - 15km
Uphill: 100m - 450m
Downhill: 250m - 750m

What to bring:
- Passport, ID or residency
- Solid tennis or hiking shoes
- Backpack
- Sun-screen
- Water
- Cap
- Hiking Sticks
- Jacket or sweater/ or wind breaker
- Lunch
- and a lot of good mood

Price: $25: adults $20: kids - students and groups 5 and more $20 لموظفي الجيش اللبناني وقوى الأمن الداخلي والأمن العام والجمارك وسائر القوى الأمنية
- Entrance fees
- Transportation
- Guides
- Lemonade and Snack
- Fees will apply within 24 hours before departure

T: 9613759445

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