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- مسرحية طريق الجلجلة

Biggest musical play reciting the events of the passion of the Christ. Taken from the bible itself, and composed by Maestro Abdo Mounzer.

Featuring: Michel Azzi (Star Academy), Elie Choueiry, Pascale Sakr, Petit Prince, Georges Wadih Al Saffi and Chady Korkomaz.

The play was created and composed by Abdo Mounzer at the age of 17 years old. It was first performed in 1984 in St.Maroun church at Dora, and re-adapted by Lebanese churches in Lebanon, Venezuela, Belgium, Australia and more for many years. Its last performance in Lebanon was in the year 2000 in St.Elie Antelias by Abdo Mounzer welcoming star guests such as Hicham El Hajj. Today and after 16 years, Abdo Mounzer makes his dream come true by recreating the play on a bigger scale.

آلام السيد المسيح وقيامته جسدت في نص مسرحي. حلم راود المايسترو عبدو منذر منذ بداياته الفنية... وفاء للوزنات التي خصه بها الخالق، لحنها في عمر ال١٧، ويعرضها الآن في قصر المؤتمرات - ضبية.

بطولة: ميشال قزي، الأمير الصغير،جورج وديع الصافي، شادي قرقماز - بالإشتراك مع إيلي شويري وبسكال صقر

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