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Tea Talk with Zeina Daccache: Lessons Learned from Life & Prisoners - An Event by I Have Learned Academy

Join us for an afternoon of talks and tea with Zeina Daccache, who will share her lessons from life and from her work with prisoners.

Tickets include 1 tea and 1 cookie by The Blue House Tea.

Booking ahead is a MUST, no tickets sold at the door.

About Zeina Daccache
MA Clinical Psychology, Registered Drama Therapist (NADTA), Board Certified Trainer (NADTA), Founder of Catharsis- Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy

Zeina, through the NPO she founded in 2007, Catharsis-Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy, brought the innovative tools of drama therapy to Lebanon. In 2009, she produced the theatre production “12 Angry Lebanese” with inmates of Roumieh Prison. This pioneering production as well as the documentary that emerged from the process received international acclaim and led to the implementation of Law 463 in 2009 (the reduction of sentences for good behavior). In 2011, she created the play “Scheherazade in Baabda”, with women inmates of Baabda prison where they shared their personal stories in an attempt to heal their wounds and hold up a mirror to Lebanese society about the oppression of women. Her 2nd feature documentary “Scheherazade’s Diary” wins 10 international awards.

She also produced and directed theatre plays that lobbied also for policy change, with Migrant Domestic Workers (Shebaik Lebaik, 2014) and residents in psychiatric hospitals (From the Bottom of my brain, 2013).

In 2016, she directed the play “Johar… Up in the Air” interpreted by the Roumieh inmates, that conveyed the messages of the mentally ill inmates and those sentenced to life to the society and decision makers. The project led to 2 draft laws aiming for a suitable Legislation for Mentally ill Inmates & Inmates Sentenced to Life, prepared by Catharsis and submitted to the Lebanese Parliament.

Moreover, she offers individual therapy at her private practice clinic and she works with corporations who wish to increase the productivity of their staff, and enhance their interpersonal and communication skills.

She is recipient of many awards given for her distinguished contributions to the field of social initiatives and services.

25$ including artisanal high tea from The Blue House and Cookies.

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Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.

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