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  • Every Tuesday, and Thursday from 07:00 am until 08:45 am, Nov 13 2018 to Dec 31 2019
  • AMALGAM, Assef Building (Right over COSTA/ROSSA) Hamra, Beyrouth, Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor, Conferences & Workshops


Ongoing weekly early morning classes:
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00am to 8:30-45am.

Reusi Dat Ton is a little known aspect of traditional Thai culture, and is at the root of all the externally applied therapies in Traditional Thai Medicine. It is the oldest of the medical sciences and is most likely the foundation from which the others grew, as knowledge was first gained through experimentation on the self, then applied to others.

About the practice:
Reusi Dat Ton is a gentle and low-impact self-healing system that is suitable for all levels/body types; no previous yoga experience is required. The practice consists of breathing exercises, self-massage, dynamic exercises, poses, mantras, visualization, and meditation. It will teach us how to naturally:

- Improve flexibility and range of motion
- Improve circulation
- Improve functionality of inner organs
- Awaken innate healing energy
- Reduce joint pain, stiffness, and muscle aches
- Reduce neck, shoulder, back, hip, and knee pain
- Reduce stress
- Increase energy and vitality
- Increase mobility
- Release negative energy
- Heal past traumas
- Develop inner growth
- Cultivate mindfulness

Sessions to feature:
- Basic Breathing Technique
- Full-Body Joint Mobilization Sequence
- Self-Massage Sequence
- Self-Stretch Sequence
- Cooling-Down Sequence

Classes are not suitable for individuals with the following conditions:
- Cardiac problems
- Hypertension
- Slipped disc
- Severe osteoporosis

LL 120,000 a month (8 sessions) and LL20,000 per Drop-in

About the host:
Sukha Hassane Mourad is a friendly traveler who’s been immersed in the topic of self-healing for the last 9 years; flowing in spirals across Peru, Thailand and Lebanon. He’s been an avid student of Traditional Thai Medicine and a practitioner of Reusi Dat Ton for over 5 years. Received his bodywork and RDT teacher training (TTM certified) in 2014, Chiang Mai.

A summary of his other studies, training and practice includes master plants, silence, mindfulness, yoga, sacred sexuality, tarot, dance and permaculture.

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