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The 11 Tips for Writing Professional Emails

Email remains the most widely used tool for business communication; an average professional sends and receives around 80 emails per day and the number is expected to increase within the upcoming few years.
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June 01 & 02 - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Target Audience:
-Executives and professionals interested in acquiring new tips related to Email Etiquette;
-Customer Service Representatives who are responsible of responding to customer complaints by email;
-Marketing Coordinators and Executive Assistants who would like to ensure a professional written communication with customers and stakeholders;
-Youth who are eager to start their professional journey using the best practices of email writing.

Learning Outcome:
-Choose a relevant Style and tone for your email;
-Structure the Body of your email and ensure coherence of paragraphs;
-Discover the common mistakes of email communication and HOW to avoid them;
-Acquire tools and techniques allowing you to respond to good, bad and ugly emails;
-Formulate explicit Subject Lines and make sure the reader takes the required action;
-Maintain a positive impact on clients, colleagues and stakeholders even when complaints or conflicts arise;
-Select the right salutation/greeting;
-Use To, Cc and Bcc effectively;
-Close your message effectively and ensure your email objective is achieved;
-Assess your current and future emails using a one-page checklist.

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