This event has passed.
  • Saturday Aug 11 2012 from 09:30 pm until 04:00 am
  • EM Chill, Mar Mekhayel el naher, Beirut, Lebanon Music Starts here
  • Music, Nightlife


Is a cause act engaged in the best quality music delivered in town. Unfortunately, the music scene is limited and labeled by few names. Our project aims to collect anonymous djs depending on their quality selections and mix more than their names. We believe names are useless when it comes to good music! so give your ears & bodies a chance to live a musical adventure ranging from funk, Glitch-hop/Synth-pop/queer-step and Eclectic music.


Anonymous 1: Eclectic music
Anonymous 2: Glitch-hop/Synth-pop/queer-steps
Anonymous 3: Funk like never before
Anonymous 4: Funk Roots

First Night willtake place at EM Chill - Underground - Where the music starts

Entrance: 5000 l.p.

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