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The Beirut Body Language Seminar!
ندوة بيروت العامة لدراسة لغة الجسد
Reveal the truth. Decode human behavior.
Build more authentic relationships!

We hear lies on a daily basis.How can you spot them and protect yourself?
Secure lie detection toolkit in your hands and register to the "BEIRUT BODY LANGUAGE SEMINAR".

3 days of continuous learning:

-Day 1: December 4
Reveal The Truth! Learn The Physical Signs Of Deceptive Behavior
تعلم كيف تكشف الحقيقة من خلال لغة الجسد
Did you know that almost 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through body language and not just words?
Did you ever feel as if you’ve just been lied to but didn’t know for sure?
You need to learn more about reading the physical signs of deception because wherever you are, whatever you do, you hear lies on a daily basis..

Day 2: December 11
Reveal the truth!Read micro expressions and detect true emotions
تعلم كيف تكشف الحقيقة من خلال تعابير الوجه الدقيقة
Learn the secrets of decoding micro facial expressions, reveal the truth and become more emotionally intelligent!
Every single person who trained seriously with this Micro Expressions Training increased their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with an average of 10% in 4 hours. Did you know from a research by Goleman published in Harvard Business Review in ’98 that “Emotional Intelligence is twice as important as technical and cognitive skills combined for a successful career”?
P & K Wezowski

Day 3: December 12
What's Your Face Telling About Your Personality?
Ever wondered what your features mean?
The strongest and most accurate way to analyze the process of personality traits just by looking at the faces
Reading faces "Personology"
According to the Modern American School for face reading, "Edward Jones" way.
أقوى وأدق طريقة عملية لتحليل السمات الشخصية بمجرد النظر للوجوه
“دورة قراءة الوجه ”
طبقاً للمدرسة الأمريكية الحديثة لقراءة الوجه “طريقة إدوارد جونز”

Get your tickets: 1day 99$, 2 days 180$, 3 full days 240$ only!
Call: 00961 70 07 25 77

Payment options:
1-We deliver the tickets
2-Byblos Bank:
LB22 0039 0000 0005 8046 5987 2004
3-Any of OMT branches.

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