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The Coaching Wilderness Retreat

3 and 4 September or 10 and 11 September!

Our mission is to create an interactive Leadership and Strategic Planning program that helps corporations and individuals in identifying leadership qualities, effective communication and strategic planning skills in a hands on environment.

Our vision is to incorporate professional development with physical and psychological wellbeing in order to help individuals reach their optimum output. This will help participants in acknowledging the importance of a healthy work-life balance and creates a new breed of highly productive, mentally and physically healthy workforce.

Our values reside in enlightening the new generation of professionals on the importance of a healthy body to maintain a healthy mind. And the fact that interacting with nature will give all those who are involved a stronger sense of respect and humbleness and an environmentally conscious group of citizens.

• A pre assessment exam will be sent to all participants 10 days prior to the training to identify area of development for each attendee personally.
• A healthy breakfast will be served by our health coach in order to provide all participants with a food intake that is full of energy to go through their day.
• Three hours of group coaching by three of our internationally accredited Executive & Leadership Coaches.
• A healthy lunch will be served by our health coach with tips on what to pack for lunch and what to eat an energy boost.
• Four hours of rappelling, caving and hiking with our facilitators in order to monitor and assess each individual’s leadership, communication, strategic planning and problem solving skills.
• A post assessment exam will be conducted and participants will be scored based on their mental and physical development as well as their initiatives.
• Shining stars and emerging leaders will be rewarded with prizes from our sponsors.
• All participants will receive a certificate of completion of our Wilderness Coaching Retreat.

Overnight Camping Option

• Participants who choose to camp with us overnight will enjoy our camp fire in a quite environment to clear the mind after a hectic day.
• A professional guitar player around the camp fire will emphasize the importance of music for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
• A healthy BBQ dinner is served.
• Stargazing at midnight.
• If you have your own tent you are welcome to bring it up, if not we are able to provide you with a tent rental service if you book your tent 7 days in advance.

Transportation Option
• For those who prefer to relax for the drive in and out of our retreat, we will be providing transportation from City Mall, Dora.

Full day retreat: $66
Full day retreat + transportation: $80
Full day retreat + transportation + camping (own tent): $114

Tent rentals also available.

Contact us for more info on 71 360 600

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