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The Cocktail Market at Christmas In Action

Christmas in Action and the CCCL
The role of Christmas In Action is to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Center Lebanon (CCCL), while sustaining the role of artists and designers in society; by supporting them through their artistic work.

The CCCL purely relies on donations collected through various fundraising programs; with a yearly budget of 14 Million USD to cover the treatment of the sick children. The treatment usually lasts for 3 years, costing an average of 50,000 USD a year for each patient.
Every Christmas, we feel huge responsibility towards these suffering kids. As social organizations, we are their only hope…

In Action Events, established by Cynthia Wardé Boukather, is an exhibition planning company founded by enthusiastic art loving individuals that strive to give art more appreciation in our market, by managing exhibitions that help promote designers, helping them expose their talents, while expanding their market share nationally and internationally.
In Action provides the Lebanese community a new flavor regarding the event and exhibition market by bridging old fashioned values and undergoing that extra mile while using cutting edge event-planning techniques.

The Cocktail Market®

•The Cocktail Market is a themed mobile concept consisting of:
–Renowned bars and bar caterers.
–Liquor stores.
–Cocktail and bar accessories.
–Cocktail ingredients.
–Alcoholic spirits.

•The Cocktail Market is a dedicated zone within large crowded events serving as a beverage area with an artistic twist.

•The Cocktail Market is a new concept by Beirut Cocktail Factory, organized by CPR Group, born upon the success of The Cocktail Festival that took place in Brummana in August 2016, gathering more than 45,000 attendees.

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