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The Cognitive Neuroscience of Climate Change and Social Justice

While there is a great sense of urgency in the scientific community to act now in order to slow the imminent negative effects of global warming, most organizations continue to run their operations as though the external context has not changed. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Climate Change and Social Justice course uses research-backed evidence to focus on influencing social norms in support of long-term, sustainable behavior change.

The two-day course will introduce participants to the principles of behaviour change and how these can be applied to environmental and social justice challenges. By examining the science and politics of climate change and its deep relationship with social inequalities, we will analyze our rational and irrational attitudes to the environment and others. The overarching objective of the course is to explore how cognitive neuroscience might help contribute to solve, or to mitigate environmental and social challenges while improving the quality of our own judgments and decisions.

>> Instructor
Dr. Samah Karaki,Neuroscientist, Consultant, Speaker
After 10 years of research in the field of learning and stress-related behaviors, she co-founded in 2014 the Social Brain Institute translating knowledge from many different disciplines including cognitive neuroscience, education, psychology, technology and design into innovative approaches. Using simple strategies that align with how people’s brains learn and remember information, SBi generates interactive, learner-centered learning methods using action-oriented and transformative pedagogy. Today, SBi is developing programs using our understanding of the human brain to improve organizational culture and performance, leadership and ecocitizenship thriving to contribute in the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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