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The Cosmic Dome presents A Stargazing Night Under The Sky

Location: Kfarzebian/Warde Piste
Departure/Meeting point: BLOM Bank - Dora
Departure/Meeting Time in BLOM Bank - Dora: 7:15pm. Please be there at least 15 minutes prior to departure time.

Cost: 20,000 L.L. Per Person including Transportation, Professional Sky Tours, & Telescopes.

Places are limited
Return time: 1 am

Reservation is available online or at any Antoine Library Branches

What's the plan?
- We will move from BLOM Bank - Dora at 7:15pm in order to arrive to Piste Warde – Kfarzebian around 8:45pm.
- We will have telescopes set on site.
- We will observe different sky objects through the telescopes. We will also explain the Sky objects we will be looking at (planets, galaxies, nebulae, etc.)
- We will have a professional and detailed Sky Tour.
- You will be able to see the stars and some constellations.
- Different Space Topics will be discussed by professional Astronomer, Dr. Mohamad Abbas.
- You will have time to just sit, relax and watch the stars.
- Bring something you can sleep on if you have any (blankets, portable chairs, anything that will make you feel comfortable).
- We will stay there till around 1am.
- Please bring your own snacks and food as there are no shops there and we will not make any stops on the way.
- It will be extremely cold, so bring as much thick clothes as possible
- Don't wear open shoes or open clothes, it will be very cold.
- Try to bing an extra jacket, gloves, scarf, and wear socks.
- Bring your professional cameras if you have any.
- Bring your binoculars if you have any.

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