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The Fintech Immersion Program

The six key aspects of a Fintech and Big Data StrategyBIG DATA | BLOCKCHAIN | FINTECH

A fact-finding ABC on the industry

FinTech represents the technologies which are disrupting traditional financial services, including mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, peer-to-peer lending, and crowdsourcing. It offers businesses a golden opportunity to win opportunities, customers and market share, but only if they stay at the cutting edge of what’s available and possible.

Led by the experts in financial technology, our courses draw on a variety of learning techniques to deliver highly engaging training with long-lasting results. we begin exploring FinTech. We start off by getting to know Fintech, by looking into six different FinTech domains, followed by FinTech as an area of investments. Then we dig into the technologies of FinTech before we look at the regulatory changes that transform the industry. After completion of the module, you will be able to: summarize the domains of FinTech; describe the FinTech market and make arguments for what the sector is emerging; outline the Financial technologies and how they are transforming the market; give examples of how regulations influence the FinTech market.


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