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Matsuri Festival In Beirut
The first Japanese festival is coming to Beirut this May 1st!

This date falls in the middle of the "Golden Week" period in Japan, which contains several holidays like The Emperor's Birthday, Showa day, Children's day, Constitution Memorial day, and so on. The first week of May is also the end of the Cherry Blossom season. This is a period in time which represents the ephemeral nature of life and a time in Japanese culture that is traditional and contains rituals of peace.


Engage and enjoy the festivities:
-Calligraphy Art
-Origami Making
-Manga Drawing
-Ayatori Making (string figures)
-Tea Ritual

We're hosting two competitions, judge comments and prize distributions in the movie theatre for a unique entertainment experience:
-Karaoke Competition (Japanese songs)!
-Cosplay Competition (Costume acts)!

The show topper:
2 bands will be shaking up Bliss street in an epic outdoor rock show, performing your favorite Anime songs from sunset to night.

Side notes:
-Keep an eye out for Geishas.
-Be ready for surprises during the day!
-Hungry? Grab some Onigiri on the go.
-Buy beautiful Japanese themed goodies from our souvenir shop.
-Pop your heads into the Japanese face-stand for those priceless Instagram moments.

Day Pass (All Access): 15,000 L.L.
At the door: 20,000 L.L.
Limited numbers, reserve yours here:


-Show your ticket and get a stamp. The stamp allows you entry at any point during the day.
-Respect the guests, hosts, and attendees. Troublemakers will be escorted out of the festival by security.
-No getting bored.

Matsuri Festival Lebanon 2015 is the first event brought to you by 1866 Court & Suites Beirut, the place where Prime Cinemas, Pace e Luce, Uenergy gym, Roadster, Urbanista, and others join forces to bring to you unique and epic events!
The event is curated by Mo A Younes & Matsuri in collaboration with Lebanon's own Lebanese Otaku!



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