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The FreeRolls - Album Release Concert - Thursday October 8

“[...]the band manages to bring all in a melting pot, giving The FreeRolls a unique sound which they so masterfully control”

Founded in 2011, The FreeRolls performed all around Beirut from local pubs to major venues, swinging between the sophistication of Southern Rock and the rawness of Post Grunge.

Nominated among the top 5 Lebanese acts by Time Out Beirut (2012), and having their first single « Wear Something Nice » ranked no 1 on top of local tracks by « Virgin Radio » ( April 2014), the band released their debut EP « After Taste ».

The EP applauded by the audience, rated 8.4/10 by Metal Bell Magazine, pulled The FreeRolls back to their racks and headphones to self-produce their first full length album.

After two years of hard work, and 11 magic tricks in their hat, The FreeRolls are hitting back the stage live at The Back Door with their debut album “Lust and Fond”.


Roy George (Guitar)

Samuel George (keys)

Tony Hawa (Drums)

Martin Nassif (Bass)

Elie Zeidan (Vocals, Guitar)

25,000LL - includes the new album and one beer
30,000LL - includes the new album and one drink

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Our new single from our upcoming album

Our first single from our debut EP

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