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The Grand Sofar Hotel - An Art Exhibition by Tom Young

The Grand Hotel Casino Ain Sofar built in 1892 by the Sursock family was for decades one of the most famous hotels in the Middle East. One that encapsulated the glamourous frivolous accounts of the 1920’s and the swinging 1960’s, luring Kings and Emirs, artists, socialites and diplomats from across the world into its chambers not merely for rest and slumber but for song, dance and poker.

Artist and Activist Tom Young is opening it to the public once more with an art exhibition that will comprise forty artworks on canvas spread across the ground floor in a curatorial attempt to transport visitors to suspended moments in history. In collaboration with Independent Art Curator Noor Haydar and Production Designer Tarek Mourad, the painting exhibition will also revolve around site specific object based installations, theatre, dance, musical performances and art educational workshops with children and students from local schools and universities such as Beit Al Yateem - Abey Orphanage, SOS, Home of Hope, UNHCR - SWC to name a few.

Cochrane and Young intend for the exhibition to help reinvent the site and attract both local and international attention as a cultural venue.

Free Entrance

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