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This exhibit is Garik Karapetyan's first solo exhibition in Lebanon.
Opening night is June 7 2012 at 7:30pm at Esquisse Gallery.

The exhibition will remain on view from June 7th to June 30th at Esquisse Gallery, Ashrafieh, Independence street, next to Exotica.

Using quick and big brushstrokes, Kareptyan creates strong blocks of colour; red, blue, black, with energetic bursts of layered paint.The displayed works explore the relationship between irrational art and rational science and celebrate the creativity that runs throughout both of these disciplines, yet it tries to strip away ideologies. “The traces of pure colour I leave with the paintbrush on plain surfaces, this is a formula which helps to see the colour free from subjectivism and romanticism, to see it as a spiritual clear space,” says Karepetyan.

For info call: 76 39 73 73

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