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The Highest Event

The Ultimate camping phenomenon is back for the third year in a row!!

Join us on the 6th and 7th of July at the highest peaks of AAQOURA overlooking its iconic lakes. The Highest Event is a unique camping experience that offers the thrill of outdoor sports and activities featuring your the most sought out bands and DJs in the Lebanese party scene.
• Saturday, July 6th, 2019:
o 3:00 pm: Doors Open
o 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Settling in, setting up your tents
o 7:00 pm-8:30 pm: Sunset Band: JLP Show
o 10 pm – 11:30 pm: Live Band: The Oba’s ft. XRISS Jorr
o 12:00 – 4:00 am: DJ RAM - DJ Nareg - DJ Eli

Experience a culinary journey with a ray of live food stations and beverage bar that will work up your appetite even more.

• Sunday, July 7th, 2019:
o 7 am – 12 pm: Breakfast Menu Available in Food Stations with Morning Music Vibes
o 9 am – 10 am: Morning Yoga Session by the Lakes
o 10 am – 12 pm: Hiking Trip to the highest peaks, Biking, Zipline, ATV, and Water Activities
o 12 pm – 4 pm: Lunch Menu Available in Food Stations

Breakfast, lunch and morning beverages and cocktails will be available the next day in a tropical house ambience by DJ KAYCEE.

Tickets online are available at

, Malik’s Bookshop, Liban Post and Mike Sport Branches (Zalka, Elissar, Jbeil, Verdun, Zahle)

• Entrance Ticket: 40 USD

Ticket Includes Entrance, 2 Drinks/, Camping Spot, Entertainment, Yoga Session, and Hiking Trip.

For those who want to travel light and have less to worry about through the night, your ticket upgrade will include a tent, set up and ready for you around a private bonfire for the night.

• Ticket Upgrades:
o Tent for Two: 25 USD
o Tent for Four: 35 USD

• Bus Pass From Jbail: 7 USD
The Bus Pass allows you to use Shuttle service from Jbeil Public Garden to the location. The Buses depart on Saturday, July 6 at 2 pm and return to Jbeil on Sunday, July 7 at 3 pm.

• Bus Pass From Beirut: 10 USD

The Bus Pass allows you to use Shuttle service from Forum De Beirut's Parking to the location. The Buses depart on Saturday, July 6 at 2 pm and return to Beirut on Sunday, July 7 at 2 pm.

•Free Parking will be available on site. Carpool for a fun ride and less impact on the environment.

• Our camping site welcomes all your adorable pets, but kindly keep them on a leash.
• All food and beverage options will be available for you on site, so no need for the extra weight.
• The use of sunscreen on the 7th of July is recommended since you are the closest you can get to the sun.
• Wear comfortable clothing and gear up with extra layers for the night.

Break away from the urban routine and seek refuge between the mountains of magical land where all the elements combine to give you the best Escape!

For more info and reservations:
03-01 04 07 03-12 87 08 03-27 07 89