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The Jokers

For the First time after its performance in December 2017, “The Jokers” returns to Zoukak Studio for 3 presentations in November 2019.
Tickets: 25,000 LL (will be available soon through

There is a child. Omnipresently absent.
There is a musician. Pulling the strings.
The setting is a shelter, which is a brothel, which is a theatre: a stage and dressing room.
Or perhaps it is simply the projection of the intimacy between three performers backstage.
Their roles are constantly changing; we get glimpses of the unpolished reality behind their performances.
We bare witnesses to the very transfigurations that their “audience” do not wish to see.

This work revisits the “jokers” of society; those characters that manifest themselves as distinctive from others, transformed by society into easy allegories, and made into proxies for all means of filth and deception or purity and wisdom. They are figures inevitably alienated by their own otherness, whether inherent or assigned. They become a screen onto which to project any narrative, escaping the anxiety of self-identification within a community or society. These appointed scapegoats could then be cursed, marginalized, denied existence, tortured, burned, and killed, or conversely sanctified, canonized, and worshiped. They are the products of a culture nourished by binaries of good and bad, the mirror of collective intelligence, the transfigurations that diverge and transcend the individual.