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The Kitchen Bar's Three-level Culinary Arts Program

Food Amateurs, Passionate Cooks and Restaurant Business seekers!!

Here is your chance to enroll in Lebanon’s top three-level culinary arts program allowing you to acquire the know-how, creation and management skills to meet the high expectations of households and professionals.

With its unique teaching methods, step by step technical gestures, high level of practice, a personalized follow-up and ample professional advice, The Kitchen Bar’s three-level culinary arts program brings to you the highest standard in enhancing your culinary skills for your own passion or your professional ambition!

Join Fady Rebeiz in this unique journey as he brings you the European’s culinary experience! Holder of the three Executive Certificates “Culture et Perfectionnement de la Gastronomie Française” “Dessert sur Assiette” and “ Cuisine Creative” from Institut Paul Bocuse (Lyon) and the Executive Certificate “ Design Culinaire” from Centre de Formation Alain Ducasse (Paris), Fady has over 20 years of experience in the culinary world and Bar Management.

Level 1: Entree level for both amateurs and career seekers starts in June!

For more info, please contact us on 76-724253