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The Moment (Sar wa2ta) with Milad Hadchiti

Motivational event, on stage, conducted by Life and Positivity Coach Milad Hadchiti, who will go through a series of interactive exercises to break our limiting self-beliefs, to release and forgive the past , and to learn to love ourselves in the "now" moment.Such an event is considered a first time occurrence in Lebanon.

The Event final outcome is saying “Yes” to positivity and to life and disconnecting ourselves from the negative programmed thoughts and beliefs which do not allow us to grow and lead a happy and satisfied lifestyle.

"The Moment” event program features:

- Documentaries and reports videos about experts and individuals sharing testimonies and stories about the impact, positivity has on our daily lives and how to regain true inner peace and love which are weaved into our DNA to produce the life we wish to have as human beings.
- Different personal, social and emotional issues will be addressed such as, not being stuck in the past, living in the present moment, fear of what the future holds, how to live in peace with oneself and with others and having courage to face outside circumstances which may cause fear and anxiety, such as economic crisis, political conflict and others.
- Depth questions will be discussed dealing with, humans’ reasons for existence, the nature of humanity in relation to being cooperative and affectionate, why do we fear... and many others.
- Secrets for happiness and success will be revealed in this event through motivational talk.

Tickets can be found in Librairie Antoine all branches.

Price at 30 000 LL and 40 000 LL

For more info: 03-370159 and 01-218078

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