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The Mysteries Club at Harmony

Are you interested in world mysteries, ancient civilizations, sacred sites, metaphysics, quantum physics explorations, mysteries of the universe, sacred geometry, ESP, the nature of reality, latest discoveries uncovering human potential and the true nature of reality?

We will be having weekly meetings at Harmony exploring different subjects through documentaries, dvds, talks, and sharing of real life experiences.

If you feel this resonates with you and your interests, we welcome you to join us with an open mind that there is more to life than what is obvious, and we are more than what we think or have been programmed by society to believe. It is time to unlock the truth.
Weekly meetings of 90 min each. Call to reserve in advance.

This time we will be showing the DVD Deepak Chopra's The Seven spiritual laws of Success... success and fulfillment in life is based on metaphysical principles, and not on what society has generally taught... we will learn and discuss how we can apply these powerful principles in our life. Handouts will also be given.

Fees: $10 per session including coffee break.
$30 package of 4 consecutive sessions.

Members can also attend DVDs shown at Harmony for free

Tell your friends who might be interested. Call to reserve in advance.

Phone: 01755667, 03938554