The Peace Festival - Tripoli

Four organizations and partners in Tebbaneh, Qoubbe, and Jabal Mohsen come together to organize a high-profile, one day peace festival in Syria Street. These organizations will coordinate all activities and include the Tebbaneh Youth Council in Tebbaneh, the Qoubbe Youth Academy in Qoubbe, as well as Tomorrow’s Youth and Lubnan Al Mahabba in Jabal Mohsen. They form a joint youth committee that will work with a professional event planning company (62 events by Josyane Boulos) to plan and organize the festival.
The festival will include artistic performances by local talents from Tebbaneh, Jabal Mohsen, and Qoubbe side by side with Lebanese celebrities (names not confirmed yet). Other activities will include an exhibition of local products, including handicraft and clothing items, Children playground, Parade, Lighting ceremony of the solar street lamps.

An event by مجلس شباب التبانة ، جمعية لبنان المحبة، روح الشباب، اكادمية شباب لبنان

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