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‘What is "The Sixth"?

"The Sixth" is the fruit of our Backstage’s family. "The Sixth" is the fruit of our unique bonds.
The "Sixth" is for us. “The Sixth” is for you. “The Sixth” is for The Backstage. “The Sixth” is for this family of dancers! The "Sixth" is for all the adorable Backstagers out there. The "Sixth" is a reminder that "Once a Backstager, Always a Backstager!". The “Sixth” is for every dancer. The “Sixth” is for every dance lover. And finally, the "Sixth" is the most beautiful sense. It's our Sixth sense. It's our dancing sense! And it is the base of what connects us all today!

Let’s celebrate our anniversary, your anniversary all together!!

WHEN: Saturday, November 25, 2017
(Gates open at 9pm and shows start at 10pm sharp)
Where: Palladio Ballroom in Jounieh
Who: Backstagers, families, friends, dancers and all kind of beautiful people

- Shows by Mher & Ghinwa and the Backstage Dance Troupe
- Celebration, distribution of Certificates of Merit and gifts
- Crazy party

- 40$ in October 2017
- 45$ in November 2017
- 55$ at the door
Tickets include 2 drinks, open water and tombola number (more than 300 gifts).
Tickets are sold in The Backstage Dance House.
Address: Jounieh Square, facing Central Bank, Vic's Center, 1st floor.

Contact us if you want your personalized The Sixth’s cover photo.

See you at "The Sixth"!!!

Contact info:
Tel: +961 3 952009

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