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The YWCA-Beirut, Membership Committee, cordially invites you to a presentation on "The Story behind Gemstones" by Mr. Karim Hakim, Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. at the Y Cultural Center, Ain Mraisseh

The story of the House of George Hakim started in 1875, when renowned jeweler George Hakim opened his first workshop in the famed gold souks of the Ottoman Empire.
George Hakim had quickly established himself as one of the region’s most preeminent jewelers, designing unique and elegant pieces, sought after by the region’s most discerning clientele. This was the beginning of an heirloom legacy that would be handed down for four generations and blossom to be a respected international house of refinement.

Under the helm of George Hakim grandson, the legend of the house was only just beginning. Like a precious jewel being excavated and painstakingly cut to bring out its natural beauty, the house continued its ascent to even greater heights – eventually entering into its fourth and current generation of passionate expertise and meticulous attention to detail in design and craftsmanship. Elias, Karim, Nabil and Alain Hakim earned degrees from the Gemological Institute of America and infused the business with youthful excitement and a penchant for innovation in design under the steady guidance of their father George.

The family’s ambition took them to Geneva, the landmark of luxury jewelry and watches.

The Hakim family is present in all stages of jewelry creation: from actual drawing to buying the gems, throughout the execution and until the completion of the new creation. Having excellent artisans in their atelier, this know how, rigor and perseverance is what makes their success.

Today the House of George Hakim celebrates 140 years of designing, crafting and offering the most elegant and refined pieces the jewelry industry can offer to connoisseurs and collectors.

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