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The Complete Digital Marketing & Online Advertising Course
Workshop by I Have Learned Academy

The “Digital Marketing & Advertising” course aims to equip candidates with the practical skills to operate all the elements of online communication, advertising and engagement with targeted stakeholders. It provides practical knowledge, useful tools and professional skills allowing candidates to plan, create, manage and implement powerful and effective digital marketing strategies. Get ready to learn from renowned digital consultants and industry experts with a proven track record of success and acquire all the necessary elements to succeed in today’s highly
competitive internet marketing space.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this course students will learn how to:
1. Brainstorm, create and execute an effective digital marketing strategy
2. Design, write and publish engaging blog posts and articles
3. Position their websites on page 1 of Google organic search (SEO)
4. Create and manage effective paid search marketing campaigns (SEM)
5. Build brand awareness by launching and managing display ads
6. Create, manage and advertise engaging content on social media
8. Read, analyze and interpret various key online advertising metrics
9. Leverage the power of Google Analytics to track conversions and improve overall results

Participants will have the chance to work on real case studies including many regional and global brands.

Course Audience
The “Digital Marketing & Advertising” course targets:
• Entrepreneurs and Business owners willing to integrate Digital Marketing into their marketing strategy
• Seasoned marketers wishing to increase their general skills in SEO, SEM, Online Advertising,Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing
• University students or fresh graduates willing to work in the field of Digital Marketing
• Individuals with no previous experience who wish to start a career as digital marketers

Course Delivery & Certification Process
• Program Duration: 8 hours
• Format: The classes include both theoretical lectures and hands-on workshops and exercises
• Equipment: Students may bring their computers to follow the live demos on their own screen

Course Outline:
1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
• Latest digital marketing trends & stats
• The pillars of a successful digital marketing strategy
• Content marketing best practices
• Exercise: Differentiate digital media from traditional media

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Advertising on Google Paid Search
• Introduction to Google Ads (Previously AdWords)
• Campaigns, AdGroups and Ads
• Ad editorial best practices
• Working with the keyword planner
• The different keyword match types
• Campaign and bid optimization
• Reading and analyzing Google Ads reports

3. Display Advertising and Video Marketing
• How Display advertising works
• Overview of the Google Display Network (GDN)
• Live demo: Creating a Display ad campaign on the GDN

4. SEO Basics: Search Engine Optimization
• SEO vs. SEM
• Key SEO tags and fields
• Onsite and content optimization basics
• Offsite optimization basics

5. Social Media Marketing & Advertising
• Deep dive into the Facebook ads manager
• How to effectively target your audience
 Live demo: Facebook and Instagram advertising

6. Web Analytics & Conversion Tracking
• Overview of Google Analytics
• Creating and tracking goals
• Computing your Return On Investment (ROI)
• Exercise: Calculate your campaign ROI

Information about the trainer
Rami is an IBM certified engineer and expert in sales and digital marketing.
He founded with his partner Imad who is an ex Google London employee a leading firm to handle social media for clients.
They are experts in online marketing and advertising.

Investment for the full course is 599$ for the online course instead of 1500$
(Dollar is at Bank rate - 3900LL, we accept cheque and bank transfers)
including hands on exercises, follow-up and certificate of attendance.

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