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The Valentine's Day Late-night Jazz Jam Session

If music be the food of love, pay on. And on. And on...

This Friday is The Late-night Jazz Jam AND Valentine's Day and Triangle Jazz Trio (Ruedi Felder (double bass), Christopher Ibrahim (keys), and Faraj Fakhoury (drums)) will be with us as always to get the jam going!

Whether you're planning on having a date night, simply having a Friday night out with friends, or just want to hear some great music, join us from 9pm in a space where everyone is welcome.

We will have a special set menu for the evening, there is NO entry fee for participating musicians, and for the music fans it's the usual 10000LL music charge (and we use the $1=1500LL conversion)

So musicians, grab your kit, come on down and get playing! Got a gig? No problem! Having a romantic date first? That's fine too (although we have a pretty cosy set-up ourselves!) We said late-night, didn't we?!

To RSVP, please call 01 350 199 or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram at @CaravanserailBeirut

Live music has always been at the very heart of Caravanserail and we are determined to continue to have a space for the music community to jam to their hearts content once a month in front of the most appreciative audience you can find in the city. Come down and see for yourself!

The jam starts at 10pm!

Located immediately next to Commodore Hotel in Hamra where we have stood proudly since 1969.

T: +961 1 350 199

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