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Virna Chakardemian
A personality interested in art in all its forms had drove her to continue her studies in Interior Designgraduating with a bachelor’s degree from the Lebanese American University, which later specialized into Jewelry Designing, to satisfy her passion for jewelry and creativity.Later on she completed successfully the Diamond grading and Identification program from HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemology. A mother of two adorable children and the daughter of an international brand founder,YepremChakardemian. The second generationdecided to invest their know-how in their father’s business, which made their father’s enterprise a striking success.Over the past years, YEPREM has marked its ever growing elegance by taking Hollywood by storm;the timeless value of YEPREM emerges from a well-grounded history and expertise in jewellery craftsmanship. YEPREM’s products are a blend of creativity and refinement, which aim at enriching the individual expression of influential women all over the world. Confident, yet audacious, YEPREM relies on luxurious creations revealing every curve of the body as a work of art, identifying women who dare to be distinctive. Each piece is made with moving style and dexterity so that the jewelry is comfortable and pliable.VirnaChakardemianis at present The Creative Director behind this extraordinary brand, YEPREM.

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