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Thru Walk on the Lebanon Mountain Trail 2015 - April 3 to May 3

For the 7th consecutive year, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association is organizing its Annual April Thru-Walk, and has started accepting hikers’ registrations.
Every Thru Walk has a special theme. In 2014 we walked for Trail Protection. This year we are walking for our Cultural and Archaeological Heritage. 
Many generations took the trails before us. They left behind cultural and archaeological remains and assets that we need to take pride in and safeguard for our benefit and for the benefit of the generations to come. Unfortunately many of these sites are degrading and slowly disappearing either by neglect or by lack of funds.
This April and until May 3rd, we invite you to walk with us to celebrate this legacy and advocate for its conservation. 
Special events will be organized during the Thru Walk and will be communicated to you later.

Happy Trails!
The LMTA Team