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Although Reiki was known through the Japanese pathways, yet its ancient origins go back to the Tibet’s.

They secretly used some “little known” techniques to clear negative interferences & energies while they are exercising their powerful healing practices. In the Tibetan tradition you will get into encounter with terms like: Tulkus and Tulpas. By means of special visualization techniques’ it is possible to create a thought form in human shape, which is called” Tulpa. If reflective concentration is intense enough during a long period, and if it is supported by strong commands, often by energy invested by a lot of people, such a form ceases to be a phantasm and incarnates as a normal human being, receives a palpable physical body and an appropriate personality. In that case, it is called Tulku or the “phantom body”!
This seminar will add not only insights to your energy workings but support you with advanced tools for personal & healing powers.

Date: Sunday, Jan 12th
Time: 10:00 am – 2:00pm
Cost: 90$
Facilitator: Imad Mukahal

Kindly confirm attendance by calling us on 01- 353286 or 03-843749 (whatsapp enabled) by Saturday Jan 11th, noon.

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