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Toni Geitani | Live Improv Set on “al Roujoou ilal Qamar”

Toni Geitani will be performing an extended improvised set on his debut music album "Al Roujoou Ilal Qamar" which consists of experimental electronic music with Arabic vocals initiated by improvising with synthesizers, drum machines, vocals, and lyrics.

"It scrams behind the surface
Its severed song burns dimly entering the moon
Into the core wired into the haze
A rebirth vibrating into space
It falls as a crippled shape down to earth
Carving a line crumbling over satellites
A luminescent sound breathing on our necks"
Sarah Mashmoushi

friday, august 31st, 2018 - 8:30 PM
hosted by onomatopoeia the music hub

► toni geitani /synthesizers /drum machines /vocals /lyrics

INFO 00 961 1 398 986


Toni Geitani is a Lebanese music producer, filmmaker, and sound designer born in 1992. After receiving his baccalaureate, he pursued audio visual studies in Saint Joseph University, IESAV. In January 2015, he presented his senior short film titled "The Leaves Will Bury" in front of a jury assigned by the faculty board and came in first place. In 2017 he received Ashkal Alwan's grant "Video Works" and made his mid length film titled "The Disappearance of Goya”, which got officially selected in the 29th edition of FIDMarseille. In 2018, Toni released his debut music album titled "Al Roujoou Ilal Qamar”.

concert proceeds will assist underprivileged children's music classes part of onomatopoeia’s music skills development program (MSDP)
يعود ريع هذا الحفل لدعم برنامج اونوماتوبيا لتطوير المهارات الموسيقية

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