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Try It Out - Art & Movement Psychotherapy

Artichoke Studio is offering a one-time "Try It Out- Art & Movement Psychotherapy” session for adults interested in experiencing bodily and non-verbal means of exploring oneself.
In a safe and non-judgmental environment, participants will be guided to creatively express themselves and link verbal, visual and movement themes for a better understanding of emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
Adults could be seeking a creative outlet for self-exploration and self-development, and/or simply curious about Art and Dance Movement Psychotherapy, wanting to understand the difference between an art/dance class and an art/dance movement psychotherapy session.

No need to be “good” in any form of dance or art. A will for self-exploration is enough!

Confidentiality is highly respected.

Saturday, February 02, 10:00am-1:00pm
$30/session including materials and props.
* Please note that places are limited and registration is due by Thursday, Jan 31.
* This Try It Out session will be followed by a 12-sessions group for those interested in more in-depth work

Facilitated by: Lea Nasrallah (MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy) and Myra Saad (MA in Mental Health Counseling & Art Therapy)

For more info and registration: 03-545281, 71-175863,

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