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Tutoring for students & those with Learning Difficulties

S-miles Tutoring for all Students and individuals with Learning Difficulties

Every child learns in a special way. Some simply take more time to pick up the information being taught at school, some require different strategies, while others just need a challenge.

S-miles tutors go beyond the attention given to students in their classroom setting. Using different strategies and approaches adopted in the educational field, we provide a sense of competency to our students, encourage higher level thinking, re-teach material as needed in a non-threatening environment, account one's learning style, and use hands-on activities to help students acquire the material covered in class.

Further, we establish a communication channel to coordinate simultaneously with the child's school as well as his/her parents.

Special Miles center also provides a special program for those with special cases and focuses on the following:

- Academic demands
Attempting to process information and maintain pace with the rest of the class simultaneously can be highly challenging for learners with learning difficulties. As school teachers move on to new concepts and skills, some students often find themselves in a state of panic, particularly when new lessons are designed to build upon previously presented information. S-miles center gives learners ample opportunities to revisit challenging subject matter, use new strategies for accurately conceptualizing and comprehending these topics and prepare for the advance into related and more complex materials.

- Reading strategies, writing prompts, comprehension strategies, mnemonic devices, problem solving strategies, etc…
Students with learning difficulties are not only re-taught at S-miles center the material covered in class. Our teams of professionals help students develop the strategies and skills that they need for success at school and later in college.

- IEP – Individualized Education Plan
S-miles special tutors hold degrees or have ample experience in various special education fields. They can easily follow what is targeted in the IEP(s) of students. If an IEP does not exist, the educator will develop short and long term objectives to tackle on different academic, behavioral and social levels.

- Test Taking Strategies
Students with learning difficulties tend to take tests far differently than students who do not have these difficulties. Sadly, in many cases, there is little opportunity to approach the testing process at schools in order to suit the needs of individual students. Special education tutoring services at S-miles center structure test prep to best meet the needs of those who struggle during tests. Moreover, our tutors help students prepare for different types of questions, such as those that are open-ended, or that may have more than one right answer.

- Special Testing Accommodations for parents and School
As children and teens start engaging in formal examinations, it is important for these students and their parents to have a clear understanding of which testing accommodations are needed to best suit their child's need. Special education tutoring services at S-miles includes developing a list of test accommodations that the parents can approach the school with.

- Accept differences and build on capacities
S-miles aim to help learners develop the best possible understanding of their learning difficulties and cases. Children are given tips and tools for overcoming differences in learning methods, particularly when confronting new materials in-group environments. With the help of special education tutoring services, students can rise above their learning difficulties and can pursue and attain their personal and professional goals and excellence.

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