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TV Presenting A-Z Workshop

- Mr. Antoine Kassabian a.k.a. Darius
- Mr. Bassam Barrak
- Mr. Joseph Husseini
- Director Bassem Christo
- Mrs. Rita Christo
- Ms. May Kassis

- Number of Sessions:15 sessions of 3 hours each
- Weekly Sessions: 2
- Maximum capacity: 14 trainees
- Workshop general outline:
- Audience and screen psychology
- The main types of TV Presenting
- On-screen movements
- Voice tonality
- The presenter’s on-screen image (wardrobe, make-up…)
- TV presenting do’s & don’ts
- Earpiece and autocue (teleprompter) training
- Professional showreel on DVD serving you as a promotion tool in
the future

- Course fees: $1250 including registration.

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