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  • Every Saturday to Sunday from 11:00 am until 05:00 pm, Jun 14 2014 to Oct 05 2014
  • Every Saturday to Sunday from 11:00 am until 05:00 pm, May 16 2015 to Oct 04 2015
  • Every Saturday to Sunday from 11:00 am until 05:00 pm, May 28 2016 to Oct 02 2016
  • Every Saturday to Sunday from 11:00 am until 05:00 pm, May 06 2017 to Oct 08 2017
  • Arnaoon Village, North Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor, Arts & Culture, Family & Kids, Food & Drinks

Unforgettable Weekend Open Buffet

This weekend and every weekend, don’t miss out on our unforgettable day out at the Arnaoon Village!
Come enjoy the sensational food and the unique entertaining activities in our breathtaking nature!

* Open buffet/regular bar & day-out activities:
• Open Buffet with Open Regular Bar
• New Featured Activities and Animation for Kids and Adults – Hiking to Mar Chayna Church
• Outstanding Serene Atmosphere
• Reservation is a must

ARNAOON is a 300-plus year old village that existed during the Ottoman days and its name stood strong throughout the years keeping its geography rising on a hill-top overlooking the historic Msaylha Fortress along the Batroun Highway, North of Lebanon. The villagers back then decided to defend the glory of Arnaoon and refused to give it away to the Ottomans. Team Arnaoon also decided to cherish this heritage by reviving the old ruins and beautifying the landscape rendering it a heart-pounding venue that fully caters to memorable weddings and all sorts of occasions ranging from private dinners to corporate events..

Throughout Spring and Summer every year, Arnaoon Village Sundays release their doors with an Open Lebanese & International Buffet accompanied by field games for family, friends and children. Our old village receives its guests around noon time while they have their soothing walk around the wide spaces under the trees and through the Lebanese arcades. The children interact with the ducks in the island pond. Traditional songs and music are played in the background throughout the day. The open buffet awaits you to indulge yourself in our tasty rich variety of food. Early afternoon the field games start to roll. You are having your nargileh, playing backgammon or having a drink while other friends or children are pulling rope, jumping in a sack race, having a donkey ride or horse carriage promenade.

Finally, maybe the best part of the day is the time when you are savoring that last sip of coffee under a shady kharoub tree swaying with the summer breeze.

50$ / person
25$ / child 3 yo to 12 yo

For reservations kindly call 03 342 502 or 06 642 111