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Urban Dawn Exhibition

Art platform curator19.90 has chosen to bring the 2nd edition of Urban Dawn to Beirut, Lebanon making it the largest urban art exhibition to take place in the region. The month-long show will feature a selection of curated artworks from both established and emerging young artists from around the globe.

Much of the work on view will be immersively linked to the urban environment, drawing heavily on graffiti traditions and street art.
Lebanon is a small country with a strong personality
developed through its diverse and rich culture, scenic
landscapes and ancient spectacular beauty. It is one of
the most developed countries in the Middle East with a
long historical reach. In the 1950’s its capital city,
Beirut, experienced a renaissance turning the country into
a global tourist destination and financial center. With
its French influences, vibrant cultural and intellectual
life, Beirut had fast become known as the “The Paris of
the Middle East.”
Despite the hardship the country faced after the 1975
civil war, Lebanon has been rebuilding itself and is
once again a global hotspot, renowned especially for its
nightlife and some of the best food, beaches and culture
the world has to offer. It is a rejuvenation that is
palpable in its people, for the Lebanese are welcoming and
full of exuberance fueled by optimism about the future of
their country. The art platform curator19.90 is honored to
bring Urban Dawn vol II to the city of Beirut during this
exciting period.

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