• Every day from 11:00 am until 08:00 pm, Jul 12 2021 to Oct 23 2021
  • Every day from 11:00 am until 08:00 pm, Oct 24 2021 to May 24 2022
  • Byblos, Unesco Square, Lebanon
  • Exhibitions, Arts & Culture, Other

Vero Scultura is the new thing to be added on any tourist bucket list.

when it comes to hyper realism
Vero Scultura is the first in Lebanon and one of a kind!

What started as a summer activity on June the 3rd 2019 became a long term museum project due to the overwhelming visitors' reaction!

Like never seen before! we exhibit statues made out of silicone materials that are so close to reality by looks and feel!

Our purpose is to deliver the ultimate touring experience with the finest art technology today. Therefore, the viewer can easily interact with each and every sculpture... NO ropes, NO glass... that means we have no flaws to hide!

E : vero.scultura@gmail.com
IG: veromuseum
M: +961 70 400 240